Summary: Features Of The ERI® system
Ease of Use 
The ERI® questionnaire is easy to administer, score, and interpret 

ERI® Questionnaire 

  • Only one page 
  • 81 easy to understand "True - False" statements 
  • Can be administered by phone (ERI® Phone), Internet (ERI® Web), personal computer (ERI® Win), or in a paper and pencil format
  • Can be self-administered by the applicant
  • No lengthy instructions 
  • Requires only 12-20 minutes for the candidate to complete, depending on administration method
  • Immediate availability of results
  • Multiple scoring options, including ERI® Fax, ERI® Phone, ERI® Web, ERI® Win, or toll-free telephone scoring 
  • Assessment results for each of the seven work behavior skills are presented in an easy to understand format 
  • Norms are provided for a broadly representative sample of over 60,000 job applicants 
  • Approximate percentile scores and descriptive statistics are provided for each behavior 
  • Interpretive report formats elaborate the meaning and significance of the job candidate's results
  • With the ERI® System's profiling process, you can use job-specific behaviorally-based selection guidelines 

Fits Easily Into Your Existing Hiring Procedures
Used during interviewing and reference checking 
  • The ERI® System improves hiring process efficiency and accuracy by systematically focusing on seven specific areas of work behavior skills 
  • Provides structured follow-up questions for interviews and reference checks, in each of the seven work behavior skill areas assessed by the System 
  • Answers to these questions help you to accurately assess candidates in an extremely time-efficient manner 

Complete Package - No Additional Costs
The ERI® System includes:
  • Immediate results 
  • Complete training 
  • Free professional consultation and support 
  • Toll-free WATS scoring and technical support 
  • ERI® questionnaires and structured follow-up questions 
  • Comprehensive User's Manual and all other supporting materials 
  • All necessary scoring materials

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