Results Are Easy To Understand And Easy To Use
Results are presented in an easy to understand graphical format. For purposes of comparison, norms,approximate percentile scores, and a variety of interpretive reports are available for each of the scales. You can compare each job candidate's scores to those of your preferred profile for the position in question. Potential problem areas are clearly identified.

With ERI® Phone and ERI® Web you can compare each candidate's results with those of others applying for the same position.

The ERI® System provides seven sets of structured follow-up questions that you can use during interviews and reference checks. The questions help you to focus your interviews and reference checks on the specific areas of work behavior that the results have identified as possible problems. You can use these questions to help determine why a candidate may have scored poorly in particular areas. 

The answers to these questions will help you to integrate results from the ERI® System with all of the other information about the candidate that you collect during the hiring process. During interviews and reference checks, and before making a hiring decision, you can use the structured follow-up questions to systematically explore each of these specific areas of work behavior. 

Whenever a candidate scores poorly on a particular scale, you can use the follow-up questions to quickly collect additional information relevant to the specific work behavior skills identified by the results. The answers to these questions will help you to more easily and accurately correlate all of the information you have collected about the candidate. This will help you to make a more informed, fair, and accurate hiring decision.


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