Helping You Achieve Your Strategic Priorities
Is The Business of the ERI® System

Quality employees come to work, show up on time, and work hard. They perform reliably and productively.

Affordable employees have a positive impact on your budget and balance sheet. A large part of employee costs are those associated with turnover-related replacement and training, illegal drug use, workers' compensation claims, and reduced productivity due to lost time. Some organizations consider these to be part of "the cost of doing business." However, with the ERI® System, these become manageable costs - bringing additional net profit dollars to your bottom line.

Profitability is a driving force in all organizations. What drives profitability? The quality of everything your employees do - the efficiency of operations, the management of expenses, and the loyalty of your customers. Whether profitability is one of your strategic priorities, or simply a measure of organizational effectiveness, using the ERI® System can have a positive impact on your company's profitability.

Improving the hiring process means being able to identify trustworthy, reliable, and productive job candidates before you hire them. The ERI® System helps you to stop hiring problem employees. It also helps make your hiring decisions more fair and effective.

Building a Customer Service Culture means doing whatever it takes to exceed your customers' expectations. Front line employees, who deliver products and services to your customers, have to be the best - otherwise they can put you out of business.

Productivity is the key to successfully competing in the global economy. The ERI® System can help you to improve employee productivity and reduce your production costs.



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