The ERI® System's Credentials
  • The ERI® System has been in continuous use since 1986. Over 8,000 companies have used the ERI® to help them achieve their strategic priorities.

  • Developed over a five year period by a team of psychologists and human resource specialists, headed by Gerald L. Borofsky, Ph.D. For over 25 years, Dr. Borofsky was a faculty member of Harvard Medical School. He is an internationally-recognized authority on the development and use of assessment systems, and has contributed to Congressional policy in the area of pre-employment assessment.

  • Research published in professional journals documents the validity of the System in the context of actual job performance (Click HERE to view selected references).

  • Research has consistently shown that with respect to race, gender, and age, use of the ERI® System does not result in adverse impact, as defined and measured in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. Furthermore, the ERI® does not use within-group norming ("race norming").

  • The content of the questionnaire statements and the overall use of the ERI® System is responsive to, and consistent with the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The questionnaire is a criterion-based instrument. Because the various criteria used to validate it were related to work behaviors, in the context of actual job performance, the questionnaire has a high degree of job-relatedness and its use is quite consistent with business necessity. As defined by the EEOC, the ERI® is not a medical examination. Furthermore, to assist you in providing reasonable accommodation to candidates, the questionnaire is available in alternative formats.

  • The ERI® System does not use intrusive statements or questions.

  • In the ERI® System there are no fixed "cutoff" scores. A job candidate does not "pass" or "fail".

  • Use of the ERI® System is fully integrated into the overall hiring process. It is not used by itself to make hiring decisions. The answers that a candidate gives to individual statements on the questionnaire do not, in themselves, form the basis for making any type of hiring decision.

  • Because candidates want "to put their best foot forward" when applying for a job, the ERI® System was developed and validated using a method which provides accurate results whether or not the job candidate answers truthfully.


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