What Your Colleagues Say About The ERI® System
"It is a critical component of our hiring system." 
"The ERI® is a quality tool that has helped us in the interview and during reference checking to identify and respond to possible problem areas that the candidate may have. The system has helped us to structure and focus the interview to explore any possible problem areas identified by the ERI®." 
- Chain of gasoline service stations and convenience stores 

"We are extremely pleased with all aspects of using the ERI®." 
"The average net savings that we have realized through reduced turnover and reduced on the job accidents has been approximately $1.14 million per year." 
-East coast casino resort hotel 

"you are very customer focused." 
"I love the support. The ERI® gives us additional feedback and more information about a candidate."  
-Large acute care medical facility 

"It is extremely effective at helping to identify reliable and productive individuals..." 
"The ERI® system is well researched and documented and is easily integrated with the other components of the selection process. Overall the ERI® helps to improve the quality of the individuals we hire." 
-Human resources consulting firm 

"The quality of the ERI® training program is excellent." 
"Not only did the training program review the general topics, but it is also tailored around specific areas that we wanted to cover such as administering at multiple sites and scoring centrally." 
-International manufacturer of household products 

"The ERI® provides a good graphic profile - it readily identifies problem areas." 
"Year after year, the ERI® has consistently helped us to improve the standard of candidates hired." 
-Private contract security firm

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