The Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI®) is a standardized, objective, and highly accurate method for assessing the work behaviour skills of job candidates. The results provide crucial details about a candidate – details that are not otherwise available to you. The results specifically identify areas of possible job related behaviour problems, and how to address each one. Based on the level of reliability and productivity you require for a given position, you can use the ERI profiling process to help you construct behaviourally-based selection guidelines for that position.

The ERI is a behaviour inventory, a commonly used and widely accepted method for accurately predicting human behaviour. It contains statements which are answered as being either true or false, and it can be completed in 12 to 15 minutes. Scores are presented for each of the seven work behaviour skill areas assessed by the ERI. These results predict the likelihood of reliable and productive work behaviour in each of the seven skill areas.

During interviewing and reference checking you can use a candidate's results to systematically explore the specific work behaviours that have been identified as possible problems. This process is simple and straightforward. Interviewing and checking references becomes more objective, structured, and focused. By concentrating on the specific work behaviour problems identified by the results, you are able to accurately assess job candidates in an extremely time-efficient manner.

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